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100 Years of Excellence

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

President Barak Obama Letter to CW

The College of Westchester has reached its 100 year anniversary! This means thousands and thousands of CW graduates have graced the halls of virtually every company and organization in Westchester County, Rockland, Manhattan, Putnam, Bronx and Orange Counties and surrounding areas. Thousands of success stories, tens of thousands of families whose lives were made better by CW’s graduates’ choice to attend college, persist, work hard, graduate and find employment.

Back in the day, CW was called Westchester Commercial School, then Westchester Business School, then The Westchester Business Institute, and now The College of Westchester. Though the programs of study have changed to adapt to what the local and regional business community needs, one thing remains the same – CW prepares individuals for careers that really matter, that can help make them employable, better their professional earnings potential and enrich their lives.

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