Vision & Mission of CWCF

CWCF strives to uphold its vision and it's mission of enriching CW students lives.


The College of Westchester Charitable Foundation exists to enhance the lives of student scholars who attend The College of Westchester. The Foundation strives to further involve and educate the community and employers regarding the outstanding work of The College of Westchester and its student scholars.


The College of Westchester Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity that exists to help provide students with the funding and confidence to take advantage of the highest quality education for career and entrepreneurial-minded students, through the development and monetary support of friends of CW. The Foundation supports and rewards student academic excellence, career advancement, professional integrity and good citizenship, and helps provide a realistic pathway toward higher education and future employment. The Foundation provides a public forum for scholar achievement and recognition and for forging stronger ties to the community, donors and employers.