Social Media for Marketing & Advertising

This course explores the use of digital media to research, strategize, plan, design, critique and present online marketing materials through social media outlets for a variety of industries, businesses, products, services, and target markets. Students will learn the key industry tools and how to integrate their visual communication skills with social media channels to develop their own product promotions and to solve specific problems. The course will emphasize the fields of visual hierarchy, typography, gestalt principles, and color theory. Specific areas of focus will include: researching competitor markets; developing creativity and brainstorming ideas; defining a company’s brand; developing a marketing message; defining target market demographics; color psychology, meaning and symbolism; designing and creating marketing presentations; and critiquing in both individual and group settings.

Prerequisites: Junior level standing and for non DM majors, approval from DM Department Chairperson.

Accounting AAS
Accounting BBA
Business Administration BBA
Business Administration-Management BBA (online)
Computer Network Administration AAS
Digital Media AAS
Health Information Management AAS
Medical Assistant Management AAS