Working Ahead in High School: How to Get College Credits Early

Tue, 12/15/2020
Jumpstart program

The college application process can be emotionally, physically, and even mentally overwhelming for both parents and students. Finding the right school, figuring out the cost of higher education, and paying the admission process are at the top of the list for most parents. What if there was an option out there that includes solutions for all those concerns, and also gives the student the opportunity to take college credits for free?

The College of Westchester (CW) offers a program that helps both parents and students begin this whole process when the student is still in High School. It’s called “JumpStart” and the benefits include building self-confidence in students and preparing them for a successful college career.

“Having the ability to earn college credits, sometimes up to and in excess of the number equivalent to a full college semester, can make a student a more attractive candidate by proving their ability to succeed in college-level studies by demonstrating a commitment to their education and by potentially saving a full semester worth of tuition charges,” said Dr. Warren Rosenberg, Provost at The College of Westchester and one of the professors of CW’s JumpStart Program.

The program requires commitment from students, as they will have to balance their High School responsibilities and successfully complete their college-level courses. Such commitment is certainly not easy, but completing up to 12 college credits for FREE is definitely worth it, says Rosenberg, “It’s a very interesting growth process to observe. Typically, students begin their first JumpStart course with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. As they see that the coursework is actually interesting, that it is work they are capable of handling, and that their abilities are on par with those of other students in the class who may be from a variety of different high schools, I see their confidence grow.”

There are two options available in the New Year for High School Juniors and Seniors! 

CW’s Saturday JumpStart program begins January 30.  Course options include, Foundations of Interactive Design and Digital Literacy in the Workplace. Apply now at »
CW’s Winter JumpStart program begins February 2 running every Tuesday and Thursday.  Course options include Financial Accounting II, Principles of Management, Human Biology, and Programming Logic. Apply for the Winter Jumpstart at »
Both options run for 10 weeks and will be held virtually.  

For more information, call 914-831-0200 or

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The College of Westchester (CW) has been educating students in the tristate area for over 100 years. Located in White Plains, CW is an associate and bachelor degree-granting, private college offering programs in business marketing and management, accounting, medical assisting, medical office and coding, digital marketing and information technology.  Certificate programs are offered for adult students who may want to brush up on skills or advance their knowledge in a short amount of time.  Flexibility is key at CW – coursework is offered during the day, online, as well as evenings.  

Our small class sizes mean high-touch, hands-on and experiential learning by dedicated instructors with advanced degrees.  CW staff believe student services are of paramount importance for the CW student experience.  CW offers a community of academic advisors, success coaches, tutors, career counselors and the concierge desk in the student services center; these services are available to students across all areas of the college including those participating in online instruction.  All CW curriculum is designed specifically to prepare students to meet the needs of regional employers.  At CW, Department Chairpersons work with the CW Advisory Council comprised of local business, technology, allied health, and education professionals who provide meaningful input that shapes CW’s career-focused programs of study.  Affordability is at the forefront of CW’s concern for students as well, which includes a wide variety of assistance programs to take advantage of including government grants, loans, CW Scholarships and grants, to name a few.  We pride ourselves on our powerful and affordable private education.  One hundred percent of freshmen receive some form of financial assistance.

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