CW’s Latin Pulse

Wed, 10/14/2020
Max Torres

One student once said, “if you have Prof. Torres in a morning class, you won’t need coffee. He will keep you awake.” His enthusiasm and high energy are two of his most notable characteristics. He always encourages students to do their best and face all challenges with optimism, passion, and enthusiasm. Prof. Torres is a natural mentor, and he is always involved in projects that help our students. His Puertorican background helps him connect well with minority students, especially Hispanics. As part of the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations, we asked him some questions about his background, his favorite music, and his contribution to the Higher Education industry.

What country in Latin America would you attribute your ethnic heritage?

Puerto Rico

What does it mean for you to be Hispanic?

I'm proud to be Latino

Who are your top 3 favorite artists when you think of Hispanic Music?

  • Willie Colon
  • Marc Anthony
  • Jennifer Lopez

When you think of Hispanic food, your mind takes you to what country?

Puerto Rico

What changes are you hoping to bring to our society by being a college professor pursuing your Doctorate?

I hope many students would see that a Hispanic can too make it to the top in education. Also, teach many of our kids the value of a college education.

How important is it for you to be bicultural?

Everything.  I speak two languages.

What is your favorite word/phrase in Spanish and what does it mean in English?

Si. It means Yes in English.

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