Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Shamva Wright-Shingler

Tue, 06/23/2020
Dr. Shamva Wright-Shingler


Dr. Shamva Wright-Shingler


Dr. Shamva Wright-Shingler, Chairperson and Professor of The School of Health Professions, shares her insights on remote learning for our Faculty Spotlight.

Q. How has your teaching style changed during the quarantine?

a. Honestly, my teaching style has not changed much at all. I am currently administering my lectures through zoom as I normally would. I am also able to use some of the supplies from the lab at home and demonstrate on video what I would have done in the class.

Q. How are you managing your new lifestyle now?

a. This really is not a new lifestyle for me. I have taught online classes in the past.

Q. Do you find this time to be easier or harder than your usual work schedule?

a. I would not say I find it harder. It’s not easier either. I can say that this new normal has allowed me to show more of my creative side. I have been being more creative with my students than I have done in the past.

Q. What recommendations do you have for your colleagues or the college in general?

a. I would say to my colleagues to continue to bring the same energy and passion as you would if you were standing in front of your students.

Q. Have you found any useful humor techniques to keep your day light?

a. Not humor techniques but I have picked up a hobby that I share with my students. I started a porch top garden and every morning when I log on, they ask if I have watered them. They call it the plants breakfast.


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