Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Erica Schacht

Tue, 06/09/2020
Dr. Erica Schacht


Dr. Schacht and little Nina


CW Faculty share their insights on teaching remotely even adding a little humor. Hear from Dr. Erica Schacht, Dean of First Year Experience, Senior Chairperson and Professor of General Education.

Q. How has your teaching style changed during the quarantine?

a. I wouldn’t say that it has changed all that much. But, I am definitely trying to be more energetic and more engaging so I can captivate the attention of my students.

Q. How are you managing your new lifestyle now?

a. For the most part, I’m doing okay. But there are times were you get to the middle of the week and you have this moment, and you’re like I can’t do this being locked up all day thing. And then it passes and you start all over again! Though at this moment, that feeling has almost gone away because I feel I have begun to truly adjust and adapt to staying home.

Q. Do you find this time to be easier or harder than your usual work schedule?

a. I think it depends on the day. Some days, I’m on Zoom between teaching and meetings, and that can be draining. But other times, I actually like working from home and not having to stress about traffic getting to work.

Q. What recommendations do you have for your colleagues or the college in general?

a. I think it’s important to take things one day at a time, one moment at a time; to recognize that this isn’t permanent; and to learn to find our own new way of living/working and accepting that things will not be the same but maybe better!

Q. Have you found any useful humor techniques to keep your day light?

a. I break out randomly into song and dance when I’m not on Zoom. That has definitely helped me.

Q. What are some tips for students while we are in this remote teaching environment?

a. To keep a routine— wake up, have breakfast, shower, get dressed as though you will physically be going to the college.. One of the differences is you stay at home and come on to Zoom. But all your classmates and professors are there smiling at you, and happy to see you, Try to keep a sense of normalcy in these not so normal times :)

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