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A Message from the President - April 27, 2020

Mon, 04/27/2020

Hello CW Students!  This is your college president, Mary Beth Del Balzo.

You have either just completed or are nearing the end of your semester or term.  You made it!!  Congrats!

Many of you have completed surveys letting us know the many obstacles you have faced while attending classes these past 6 weeks, and I am just so proud of you for continuing your classes.  As I had shared in my previous vlog, we will all be working remotely again this coming semester.  Your instructors and I have been talking and they are proud of you too.  They are ready to support you so you can continue your studies and graduate on time. 

You may remember that when you first started college at CW, I told you that college can be your oasis; your calm in the midst of the storm, and that it is all what you make it.  I still believe that and I hope you’ve found that to be true for you also.  You can count on CW, your professors, and support services to be here for you.

We know it can be hard work, you have risen to the challenge and we believe you can do it again.

Unfortunately, we just heard from the Westchester County Center that it will not be available this Summer for our Commencement Ceremony in August as we had hoped.  We WILL have a virtual Commencement.  We will hold it online and will let you know date and time.  You will also have the option to walk at Commencement next May, 2021, so we can celebrate together with a true graduation ceremony.  Whatever you choose, we are looking forward to seeing you and your families!

Your advisors are reaching out to you now to look into a lighter class load for next semester or term.  Please be proactive and contact them.  We want you to feel that you can be successful and move forward in your studies now.

Remember, Day classes begin May 13;
Adult and Online divisions begin May 11.

For new students, Adult orientation is the evening of May 7
Day Orientation will be held May 12.

Your admissions counselor is probably talking with you about that now.

As for books, we are working out the details and you will have your books in time for classes.  Many of our classes use open educational resources or E-books, so that helps lighten the load for you.

For now, please remember that we are committed to helping you graduate on time, and to learn everything necessary for you to become a professional in your field of choice.  I continue to pray for you and your families.  I know that this continues to be a time of great difficulty and struggle for so many people.  Please look to us for support, and tell us what you need.  Go on the CW Everywhere App wall for contact information or be in touch directly with me at

Take care and remember that we are CW Warrior Strong!

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