Summertime at CW

Tue, 06/18/2019
Mary Beth Del Balzo at CW 103rd Commencement Ceremony

While other colleges take a gentle doze during the summertime, CW is a beehive of activity.  On May 30, we celebrated our 103rd Commencement Ceremony.  At that event, I reminded grads that in the words of the Mahatma Gandhi, they should be the change that they wish to see in the world, and that commencement day marks one of the accomplishments that clear the way for them to change the world in their own special way.  Our keynote speaker, Tom Kloet, Chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange urged students to follow their passion in a measured and thoughtful way by taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to them. 

Our CW Summer Collegiate Academy gets into full swing this summer, serving rising High School Junior and Seniors.  Students are given the opportunity for immersion in a subject of their choice, while also exploring special events, speakers and trips that can broaden their perspective about college life and higher education choices.

A full slate of classes continue in full swing, both during the day, in the evenings and online.  This is a hallmark of the CW education.  We are the college for go-getters who are aiming at the prize and want to achieve success on their schedule and within a timeline that is accelerated.

I would urge each and every one of us to be the change by taking positive action toward our passion, formulate goals now and act on the joy and change you wish to bring into this world, beginning with yourself. 

The positive ripple effect will be tremendous.  Enjoy your summer!

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Mary Beth Del Balzo, CW President