Don’t Rush Your Job Search

Tue, 07/19/2016

It’s normal to feel impatient when you’re hunting for a job.  However, taking your time and looking for the right job can help you set off on the right career track for you and save you heartache and hassle later. Plus, when you go slow and pay attention to small details and fine-tune your search, you’re more likely to attract the position that’s right for you. This article from Glassdoor explains a few reasons you should invest some time and energy before diving right in.

CW’s Office of Career Services staff guides you through the entire process of planning and preparing for your job search.  The college offers private career counseling with a ride range of services.  For more information about CW contact our Admissions Office at 844.711.6962 or 914.331.0853 or request more information here.

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The College of Westchester