Family, School, and Community Participation

Tue, 04/17/2018
Professor Torres and Flores Pichardo


Left to right in photo: CW Professor Max Torres, Flores' Assistant Magdalys Taveras, and Author Bienvenido Flores Pichardo.

The Dominican Consulate of New York recently hosted an event to release the book, “Familia, Escuela y Participación Comunitaria,” (Family, School, and Community Participation). Flores Pichardo is an author and researcher with vast experience on several education indicators affecting the Dominican Education System. CW’s professor Max Torres was invited to the event as he has an established professional relationship with the author, “It was a small environment with law enforcement officers, therapists, lawyers, and educators. Bienvenido is a well-known professional in the Dominican Republic and we are in talks to find a way to exchange our expertise to benefit The College of Westchester and the Dominican Republic.”

According to Flores, it’s no secret that parental involvement is an integral part of a successful educational framework. In addition, numerous studies have identified parent engagement as a critical factor affecting the success of individual students and the schools environment itself. Throughout his book, Flores shows that consistent community involvement and engagement at all levels of the school have shown to have significant short and long-term benefits.

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