52 in 52: Class 10 - Capellan

Thu, 03/02/2017

I was delighted to attend Professor Andy Capellan’s Transformative Learning class.  Transformative Learning is the backbone of our CW Gateway courses, designed to help college freshmen succeed.  We talked about the 5 R’s of Learning; recite, repeat, rewrite, review and recall.  Prof Capellan made the class fun and informative.  He talked about being prepared to study, and named early morning as the A#1 time to have effective study.  Students should be:

  • Well rested
  • No distractions
  • Be motivated and keep in mind your goals
  • Make sure your spirit is strong (your belief in self!)

He shared the 8o8o8 concept; 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work or school and 8 hours of leisure or relaxation time. 

The professor also covered our major learning types, and that we are all a combo of these which include:

  • Kinesthetic – movement, need to get up and move around
  • Visual – see, make notes, etc
  • Auditory – hearing, flash cards, music, etc
  • Tactile – touch everything, doing

He also shared the need for healthy regular eating, exercise, and to create your support system at CW including your success coaches, professors, academic advisors and friends.

Students provided feedback about what they want and need including:

  • More communication with students
  • Continued and increased online messaging for students about events, clubs, etc
  • Appreciate that faculty and staff are relatable to students
  • School is more than memorization
  • Students want more group projects and student presentations

I diligently wrote these down and share them here for faculty and staff to consider and integrate.  Great class!!  These students were very enthusiastic and clearly love Transformative Learning and Professor Capellan!

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Mary Beth Del Balzo, CW President