Google’s Path to Management

Wed, 04/18/2018
Google Guest Speaker

As a college preparing students for entry into the regional workforce with highly regarded programs in business and computer technology, it was only natural to have a representative of Google visit The College of Westchester’s campus. Google, one of the most innovative companies in the world, has been expanding its presence in New York City over the past decade and has become one of the biggest tech companies in the world, not just in the internet world, but among all business brands. Google’s products and services are different and unique, just like their leadership style.

James McCarthy, a Mobile Transformation Team Lead at Google visited Professor Paula Cancro’s Management Applications class to speak with students about the career path to becoming a manager, his personal managerial experiences, corporate problem solving, and how business teams can be most effective. He encouraged CW students to be proactive, take the initiative to volunteer in more projects, and be vocal to their superior about wanting to learn more in order to grow within the business.

Although this may have been Mr. McCarthy’s first visit representing Google, it was not his first visit to the College. Mr. McCarthy, a former technology analyst with Goldman Sachs, went on to help launch the global consulting firm, Digital Catnip, in 2015. While serving with Digital Catnip, Mr. McCarthy and Professor Cancro met at the 2016 Westchester County ‘Mobile Smart App Development Bowl’ where a student team from the College had submitted an entry. They had struck up a friendship and Professor Cancro invited him to the College for his first visit.

The Mobile Site Transformation Team led by McCarthy in Google’s New York offices in Chelsea, helps Google clients optimize their mobile web experiences through one-on-one consultations and scaled events across the country with the goal of improving customer experience on their client.

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