Apps to Keep Students Organized

Mon, 09/28/2015

Online students have a lot to keep track of. These apps can help you balance school, work, and life.


This note-taking organizational tool allows you to collect and annotate all different kinds of material in one place. It’s especially helpful for taking notes during class or collecting helpful articles when researching. You can create a “notebook” for each project. If you’re trying to track school-related spending, the app even allows you to document receipts, serial numbers, and other relevant information. Looking to land an internship or score a job? You can upload business cards and contact information so it’s all in one place when you need it.


The Quizlet app is a study tool to help you stay on top of your game even on the go. You can use on your home computer or phone or tablet and access a variety of flashcards, practice tests, and other resources to enhance your classwork. No more anxiety about lugging textbook when you’re out running around or on vacation!


Examtime offers productivity tools to help students prepare for projects, presentations and exams and build a schedule to manage their tasks and break large ones into smaller pieces. It also allows users to share and collaborate.

Cold Turkey

This app allows users to block apps, websites, and other distractions (hello, Facebook) that can get in the way of productivity. It also has a feature that sets break times, since taking regular breathers can boost overall academic performance.


Similar to Cold Turkey, SelfControl allows users to block distractions to improve focus and productivity.

Khan Academy

This app gives users access to thousands of educational videos. This is a great way to supplement your coursework. Students can watch online or collect videos to watch offline at a convenient time.

Great for when you need to look up a word meaning or find a better way to say something. You can even save your favorite words. The app’s “word of the day” feature is also a fun way to increase your vocabulary.


This app allows you to create boards for your different projects to keep them organized and share with friends and colleagues if desired. This is a great way to keep track of ideas and arrange, sort, and share them. Trello synchs with all your devices for added convenience.


Great for student with kids, Cozi lets you balance everybody’s schedule, keep track of daily tasks and chores, and even lets you create shopping lists so you can remember what healthy study snacks to stock up on. 

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