Look what came in today's mail!

Tue, 08/25/2015

I am of course delighted to receive a letter from President Barak Obama on the 100th Anniversary of The College of Westchester.  To quote from the August 5 letter that I received on behalf of CW today;  (begin quote)


The White House



I am pleased to join in celebrating your school's 100th anniversary.


America's schools serve as gateways to opportunity and engines for our nation's progress.  Inspiring students to be the best version of themselves and equipping them with the tools to thrive, our halls of learning can instill in our next generation the fundamental belief that with hard work nothing is beyond reach.


Since your school's founding, faculty and staff have prepared students to meet the challenges of their time.  And by cultivating passion for learning, schools like yours help ensure the doors of opportunity continue to open wide for all who are willing to dream big.


I hope your community takes pride in the ways your school has touched lives.  As you celebrate in this special milestone, I wish you all the best for the years ahead.


Barak Obama

(end quote)

I am stunned and pleased that we have received this, as a stellar proprietary college.  There is an effort by The US Department of Education to get rid of bad actors in our sector. I am glad that we have been recognized for the good work which we have, in fact, been doing, for 100 years, since 1915.  Thank you, Mr. President, for recognizing us today.

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Mary Beth Del Balzo, CW President