From Soft Drinks to Pet Food

Fri, 06/26/2015

The pet industry is in constant growth and CW students heard the story of an entrepreneur who learned how to grow with his company and how he became passionate about the product he sells. “This is a fun and engaging industry,” said Vito Mileo from, a company that distributes 150 brands of pet food around the country.


“You have to know your audience. I did a lot of research, and learned a lot about my customers. It took me a lot of time to understand my audience.” said Mileo to the Interpersonal Group Dynamics class. “Passion comes from within, and I became passionate about my work.” 


Mileo added that being an entrepreneur and a leader is not an easy task, “No two people are the same, you have to give people a job where they can feel comfortable and be successful.”


Before launching PetFlow, Mileo worked for companies including Pepsi Cola Bottling and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

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The College of Westchester