Digital Media

Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) – HEGIS Code 5199
The Digital Media program is designed to provide students with the skills to work as designers and developers in a diverse and evolving industry that includes graphic design, web design, animation, video and visual effects, and game design. The program utilizes the most current digital media technologies which enable students to create and enhance personal portfolios at the culmination of the degree, which will emphasize their strengths, skills, and potential. Credits can be transferred to the Digital Media Concentration bachelor’s program.


"Every day, I try to make my class both interesting and fun. My goal is to show how something that seems challenging can be broken down into smaller, easier to understand, and simpler steps. Through this process I will sometimes spontaneously thread in humor to assist in making the students comfortable."

Marc Hess Marc Hess, MS, BA
Associate Professor
Chairperson, Digital Media

(Certifications: Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 Certified Associate, Macromedia Flash 5 Developer, Flash MX Designer, Dreamweaver MX Developer, CIW Foundations, CIW Site Designer)

    Graduates of the Associate Digital Media program should be able to:
  • Demonstrate effective use of industry terminology and practices.
  • Employ a competent and critical use of industry tools and practices to implement well-designed and creative professional projects from idea through completion.
  • Employ a well-defined foundation of traditional and contemporary design theories and practices.
  • Exhibit a professional work ethic and the practices essential to perform in the creative industries.
  • Effectively analyze, interpret and translate client desires and communications into professional dynamic solutions.

Course No.   Semester
ACE110 Transformative Learning 3
GEN125 English Composition I 3
GEN127 English Composition II 3
GEN129 Oral Communications 3
GEN193 Studio Art/Drawing 3
GEN195 Spatial Design & Color Theory 3
GEN224 Professional Communications and Career Development 3
  Career Development 3
  General Education Electives (1) 3
  Total General Education Credits 3
  Digital Media Electives  
  Digital Media Electives (5) 15
  Total Digital Media Elective Credits 15

Electives: (6 required) Five of the six must be in Digital Media (DMD) courses. Selection may be either from one of the recommended offerings or a combination of all courses listed below. Not all courses are offered in all divisions. Some electives are offered only on sufficient demand.

Course No. Offerings in Web & Interactive Design:  
DMD160 Web Page Development I (Dreamweaver) 3
DMD165 2D Web Animation (Flash) 3
DMD225 Interactive Design & Development (Flash Scripting) 3
DMD230 Web Page Development II 3
  Offerings in Game Design:  
DMD165 2D Web Animation (Flash) 3
DMD131 Introduction to Game Design 3
DMD141 Game Design & Development I 3
DMD241 Game Design & Development II 3
  Offerings in Animation & Video:  
DMD113 Digital Video & Sound 3
DMD121 3D Modeling & Animation I 3
DMD123 Digital FX & Motion Graphics (After Effects) 3
DMD165 2D Web Animation (Flash) 3
  Offerings in Graphic Design:  
DMD150 Publishing Design & Layout (InDesign) 3
DMD250 Graphic Design Projects 3
DMD160 Web Page Development I (Dreamweaver) 3


AAS Digital Media Federal Program Disclosure Information - Day Division
AAS Digital Media Federal Program Disclosure Information - Adult Division