Medical Office Specialist

Certificate – HEGIS Code 5005

The Medical Office Specialist Certificate is designed to provide students with the administrative skills they will need to pursue non-clinical careers in the Healthcare Industry. A strong focus of the program is placed on administrative practice management applications as well as on medical billing and coding. Upon graduation, students can be qualified to seek entry level employment as a medical administrative assistant in a variety of healthcare settings, including but not limited to medical practices, hospitals and healthcare consulting companies Credits are transferable to the associate degree program, Health Information Management.



The School of Allied Health at The College of Westchester serves as a leader in the education of innovative and responsible allied health professionals. These include graduates of our Medical Assistant Management and Health Information Management programs. The school, in response to the needs of the community and society, promotes excellence in healthcare services. Strong linkages with clinical educators and advisory council members of the healthcare community are essential to the success of our programs.

Estelle Coffino Estelle Coffino, MPA, BS, RRT, CPFT, CCMA
Program Director/Chairperson Allied Health

Course No.   Semester
GEN125 English Composition I 3
MSC110 Human Biology* 3
MED103 Medical Terminology & Human Systems 3
MED111 Healthcare Law and Ethics 3
MED201 Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding 3
MED203 Advanced Medical Billing and Coding 3
MED208 Administrative Medical Practices 3
MED221 Medical Information Management 3
OFT115 Emerging Information Technology 3
OFT122 Office Applications: Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 3
OFT127 Spreadsheet Applications (Excel) 3
  Total Major Credits 33
  *MSC110 course satisfies the General Education requirements.  
  Electives (1) 3
  Total Elective Credits 3


This certificate is currently offered for Adult Division students only.

Certificate Medical Office Specialist Federal Program Disclosure Information - Adult Division