Academic Support
Academic Support

The College of Westchester offers an array of support services designed to help students reach their fullest potential for growth.

Student Success Program

The Mentoring Program provides each new student with a structured, yet casual, support system. Each student is assigned a mentor - a professional staff member - as well as a peer mentor who is a current Day student. Mentors and peer mentors are first introduced to their students at Orientation and meet three times during the first Semester.

Academic Advising

The College of Westchester vigorously supports a strong academic advising program. Every student at The College is assigned an academic advisor. Academic advising is designed to foster and promote a positive and productive faculty/student relationship. Academic Advising is also designed to aid in student retention, and to provide a platform for student success, both academically and professionally. Students meet with their advisors periodically to discuss their schedules, their academic progress, and address any questions or concerns they might have. The goal of advising is to help students attain success at the College of Westchester and beyond.

The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center at the College of Westchester is where students can go to discuss any personal or emotional issues. The Counseling Center serves as a resource to assist students in developing to their potential. The Center is operated by a mental health and social work staff that are available to talk with students confidentially and make appropriate referrals when necessary.

The Learning Center

The goal of The Learning Center is to provide all students with the academic assistance required for success in their coursework. We recognize and emphasize the needs of the students to handle their academic requirements while balancing family and job responsibilities. Tutoring is conducted with the understanding that students have different learning styles that need to be addressed with professionalism and patience. The staff at The Learning Center works collaboratively with instructors to ensure student success in pursuit of their college degrees.


The College of Westchester Library,, provides access to a wide variety of information resources in order to meet the research needs of students, faculty, and staff. The library provides a welcoming environment with comfortable spaces for individual and group study.

Services to Students with Disabilities

Students with special learning or physical needs are required to provide documentation at the time of admission. Students with documented learning disabilities can request learning accommodations by meeting with the Dean of Student Academic Services who meets regularly with the Committee on Disabilities. The Committee reviews all requests for accommodations.

The Testing Center

The Testing Center at CW offers a wide variety of services for the College community including Admissions/Course Placement Testing, Microsoft Office Certification testing, Healthcare/Medical Certification testing and Computer Networking Certification prep. Professional test administrators and technical support staffs are available to assist in all aspects of certification testing.


Textbooks, workbooks, and various stationery items may be purchased from the Bookstore during scheduled hours of operation. A wide variety of school related items, such as notebooks, highlighters, computer books, locks and calendars are also available.