Campus Clubs & Activities
Campus Clubs & Activities
Campus Clubs & Activities

The College of Westchester offers an array of activities designed to help you expand your horizons.

Accounting Society
Students considering a career in accounting or interested in the subject area participate in activities that include discussions of various employment opportunities, field trips, business lunches, guest speakers and tutoring students who need extra help in accounting or math.

Allied Health Club
Students interested in the medical fields are encouraged to participate in this club which involves study groups, field trips, guest speakers, and an annual health fair that serves to further develop understanding and build camaraderie in the business of healthcare.

Alumni Association
Maintaining close ties with our alumni is an important goal of our college. We encourage graduates to remain active by gathering with fellow graduates for recreational outings, serving on an alumni steering committee, speaking to CW classes, becoming involved with our Career Services Department, and attending alumni meetings. Lifetime placement is also available to alumni and many of our alumni take advantage of this service.

Armed Forces Student Support Club
The Armed Forces Student Support Club is a student organization that provides a source of support to service members and veterans in their transition to college student. It offers positive engagement between student service members, veterans and other students on campus that have an interest in supporting our military. We aim to create an understanding of veterans needs and experiences and provide an avenue for open discussion, sharing and new ideas.

Basketball Team
The CW Warriors Men's Basketball Team, which plays in a White Plains sports league, is supported by faculty/staff coaches and student managers. Try-outs take place in November and the team practices and plays weekly from December through March. Family, friends, classmates, faculty, and staff have supported their past endeavors, cheering them on to a victorious season.

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The Business & Finance Club
This club introduces its members to contemporary marketing practices and allows for practical experience in planning, organizing, and executing marketing activities, and developing business plans. It also encourages all members of the CW family to learn the tools that support sound investment decision making.

Caribbean Student Association
The mission of the Caribbean Student Association is to provide a forum for students who have a strong interest and passion for sharing their Caribbean culture and heritage with other people and collectively learning the culture, food, music, and nationality of other Caribbean countries. The Caribbean Student Association exists to provide a place where members can meet to share ideas, skills, and experiences in a positive learning and recreational environment.

Creative Evolution (Fashion) Club
Creative Evolution offers students who have a strong interest and passion for the fashion industry to collectively generate activities related to fashion creativity, style, and business. The club exists to provide a place where members can meet to share ideas, skills, and experiences in a positive learning and recreational environment.

Just Dance Crew
The Just Dance Crew fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and a blend of distinctive dance forms to provide students with an exciting, healthy, safe and motivating way to get in shape and stay fit. The mission is to build an interest in each student to take care of themselves and stay in shape while going to school and balancing a busy life. Aside from weekly sessions the Just Dance Crew performs at college events.

Multimedia Club
The Digital Media Club provides opportunities for students who are interested in computer technology to explore the field and related activities of Digital Media. Activities include computer game competitions, discussions of various employment opportunities, field trips, guest speakers and special projects.

Network Technologies Association
This group provides a community for students interested in Information Technologies to gather and exchange ideas and to learn more about the field, as well as to socialize with others who share a common interest. The Networking Club also sponsors the "PC Doctor" which offers reasonably priced computer services throughout The College.

Poetry Club
This club was created to give students an opportunity to further develop their skills of reading, writing, and sharing the written word, both their own and other writers. It offers students the opportunity to strengthen their communication skills in a productive and stress-free environment, further preparing them for success in the workforce and encouraging self expression.

SGA Newspaper - Student Voices
Published each semester, the SGA newspaper, Student Voices, is comprised of articles about all aspects of students' lives written completely by Day, Evening, and Saturday College students.

Student Government Association
The Student Government Association (SGA) exists to support and stimulate the academic, cultural, social, and physical welfare of all students at The College of Westchester and serves to make decisions on behalf of the entire student body. Comprised of a committee of equal participants, any student with the necessary commitment, interest, and time may be a member of the SGA. Throughout the calendar year, students can involve themselves in community service projects such as participating in non-profit organizations' walk-a-thons, blood drives, and food/ clothing campaigns for the poor and homeless.