Take this opportunity to help students build the professional interpersonal skills necessary for success in the job market.

Benefits for your business:

• The ability to screen and work with potential employees prior to making a full time commitment.
• Competitive advantage by gaining the intern's knowledge of the latest academic information and skills.
• Reduced turnover and training costs.
• Gaining an energetic, enthusiastic and proficient new candidate pool.
• Public relations for your organization as students become ideal spokespersons for your organization.

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The Office of Career Services welcomes a full range of internships pertaining to most majors. Students are available throughout the tri-state area and positions are both paid and unpaid. Students interview for internship openings and ultimately employers decide which students are accepted. Students who successfully complete internships may receive credit toward their degree.

BBA Internship
The coursework of the BBA program culminates in an Internship experience in which students will put their project management and business skills to work on new or ongoing projects for existing business enterprises.

Taken in a student's last semester, the BBA Internship is a required 3-credit course that is a semester long learning experience combining in-class seminars with out-of-class business projects. This Internship can be paid or unpaid and can be completed either on-site or on-campus. Some Internships are structured for students to participate individually and some will allow students to contribute as members of a team.

This unique course allows students to put what they have been taught in the classroom into use as they contribute meaningfully in an actual business environment. The Internship reinforces classroom knowledge through experiential learning in a way that brings coursework to life and provides students with maximum potential upon graduation.