Hire Graduates

CW has a proven track record for presenting candidates with solid skills and desire to succeed.

The College of Westchester has been a valuable source of qualified employees in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties, New York City and Connecticut. CW's degree and certificate programs are carefully designed to provide employers with the skills and competencies they most desire in new hires. Our Career Services Partner Companies believe our innovative curriculum has directly benefited their organizations.

If you'd like to find out about hiring a CW student or graduate, fill out the online form by clicking here.

Or register to hire a CW student/graduate through Optimal Resume.

On-Campus Recruitment/Job Fairs/Career Day
As an employer, you are invited to participate in full and part-time career fairs on campus to meet students and graduates for your current job opportunities or to make connections for the future.

Full-Time Employment
We assist our client companies with hiring well trained, ambitious personnel by carefully screening candidates and matching employers' requirements with candidates' qualifications, interests and career goals.

Part-Time Employment
The Office of Career Services works with students in pursuing part time employment while they study. Although academic requirements must be a student's first priority, The College attempts to arrange class schedules to provide students an opportunity to earn money on a part-time basis in a professional environment enhancing their career preparation. For more details about how you may qualify, contact the Director of Career Services.

Corporate Education
CW is available for corporate training, currently offering the following topics in one hour and four hour programs, or as brown bag lunch and learn workshops.

• Time Management and Life Balance
• Project Management Essentials
• How to let statistics and research support your efforts
• Success Essentials (Climbing the Corporate Ladder)
• Conflict Resolution

If you are a Human Resources professional searching for assistance with your corporate training needs, or wish to have assistance in assessing staff for professional development needs and succession planning, let CW support that effort. Contact Mary Beth Del Balzo at 914-831-0463 or mdelbalzo@cw.edu.