Faculty Profiles
Assistant Professor
Chairperson, Digital Media
M.S., New York University
M.S., Pace University
B.A., San Diego State University Certifications: Macromedia Flash 5 Developer
Flash MX Designer, Dreamweaver MX Developer
CIWFoundations, CIW Site Designer
Marc Hess
"Every day, I try to make my class both interesting and fun. My goal is to show how something that seems challenging can be broken down into smaller, easier to understand, and simpler steps. Through this process I will sometimes spontaneously thread in humor to assist in making the students comfortable."
Instructor, General Education
M.S., Long Island University
M.A., Manhattanville College
B.A., Pace University
Loretta M. Sinopoli
"Teaching is my calling; it's my life's purpose. But it's the students who make every day at CW as fresh and exciting as Christmas morning; they are like presents under the tree - despite the different packaging, each is filled with a unique, little treasure inside."
Instructor, General Education
M.S.Ed., Iona College
B.S., New York University
Andy Capellan
"I have been in education over 35 years. It provides a person with the fulfillment of giving, assisting and developing young minds. CW affords that opportunity to those who choose to venture into the brave new world of further education. Many are experiencing that unique experience of achieving the goals, they at one time gave little thought of attaining."
Instructor, Digital Media
M.S., The College of New Rochelle
B.A., Empire State College
Michael Grassia
"In 1994 at eighteen, I entered the art world creating characters, animations, and video content for a small gaming company. Since then, I have worked in many visual storytelling mediums. Today, I am an experienced writer, animator, illustrator, puppet builder and puppeteer, designer, photographer, printmaker, video editor, and director. Bringing all my professional experience to the classroom, I'm creating a fun and creative, yet strict, learning experience for all."
Assistant Chairperson, Digital Media
B.F.A., Pratt Institute
James Lines
"I try to bring my professional experience in the creative industries into the classroom. My focus in class is the creative process which is universal to design and integral to artistic success and marketability. The small class sizes at CW allow me to mentor my student’s one on one and give them the individual attention they need to further their creative output."
Instructor, General Education
M.A., Manhattanville College
B.A., SUNY Purchase
Alexa Ferreira
"Words have always been my passion, and success in today's workplace demands the best communication skills. That's why I am happy to teach writing and communication at The College of Westchester."
Assistant Professor, Digital Media
M.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design
B.F.A., Mercy College
A.A.S., The College of Westchester
Michael Ryan
"My goal as a professor is to equip my students with the knowledge and skills that they will need to be a successful digital artist. I work hard to create a comfortable and stimulating classroom environment. My students are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and continually push their personal limits."
General Education Assistant Chair
M.F.A., Brooklyn College
B.A., The College of Mount Saint Vincent
Michael Flanagan
"I am a teacher, tutor, and Success Coach at The College of Westchester. I write fiction and plays, and direct theater in Manhattan. I apply my background to the classroom, where I teach that through skillful communication, both written and spoken, students can make their mark on society."