Military Students
Military Students

You've Done Your Part, Let CW Help You With Your Next Step

Military members are welcome at The College of Westchester, online and at our main campus. We appreciate everything you do, and support you in ways that are individual to Military Members. We are a Yellow Ribbon participant, offering up to $6000 an academic year in supplemental funding to those Veterans who qualify for the full Post-911 benefit. The College of Westchester is recognized as an approved institution of Higher Learning and is approved to offer its academic programs by NY State VA Approving Agency. We are also recognized as a Servicemembers Opportunity College member. We have staff members who understand what you need and how to answer questions you may have.

Are you on active duty, in the reserves or retired? The College of Westchester can make it easier for you to pursue your education and make the most of the benefits you've earned. Our mission is to help you secure meaningful employment and establish a career by meeting your specific needs as you transition from military duty back to civilian life.

CW Offers:

• Yellow Ribbon funding
• One-on-one informational interview via phone or in person
• Step-by-step guidance to access your benefits
• Flexible schedules
• Assistance with deferment of student loans upon redeployment
• Lifetime career placement assistance
• Reasonable re-entry policy after active duty
• CW is designated as a Military Friendly School
• A member of ACE, American Council on Education
• CW is also part of the SOC Consortium, Servicemembers Opportunity College
• The College of Westchester Armed Forces Student Support Club is a student organization that provides a source of support to service members and veterans in their transition to college student.

The College of Westchester will limit academic residency to twenty-five percent or less of the degree requirement for all degrees for active-duty servicemembers and their adult family members (spouse and college-age children). In addition, there are no "final year" or "final semester" residency requirements for active-duty servicemembers and their family members. Academic residency can be completed at any time while active-duty servicemembers and their family members are enrolled. Reservist and National Guardsmen on active-duty are covered in the same manner.

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