The CW Advantage
The CW Advantage

The College of Westchester is truly unique. CW offers an educational experience not found at other colleges and offers advantages that can boost your college and career success. This collection of benefits we call The CW Advantage.

• Caring small college environment with lots of personal attention.
• Bachelor's degree in only three years or an Associate degree in just 20 months.
• Career focus programs designed with input from area employers.
• Personalized admissions, career planning and financial aid advisement.
• Dedicated professors who care about your success.
• Flexible scheduling: day, evening, Saturday and online classes.
• Hybrid Courses offering the best of online and on campus learning.
• Over $1.5 Million in Scholarships for qualified students.
• Excellent academic support services.
• Extensive web-enhanced learning tools for anytime, anywhere access to courses, professors and classmates.
• Internship opportunities and lifetime graduate career services.