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Karen Smith
October 09, 2013
CW BBA Equals Success
by Karen Smith
According to The Condition of Education 2013, from the National Center for Education Statistics of the US Department of Education, in 2011, the following median earning potential per year by education level was as follows:

• HS Diploma $30,000
• Associate degrees $37,000
• Bachelor or higher $45,000

Also within this report, a typical Bachelor degree graduate earns 50% more than a high school grad and 21% more than an associate degree grad over their earning lifetime.

Whether our students are pursuing their associate’s or their bachelor’s they know that we are here for them. Our faculty and staff are 100% engaged in our students’ educational goals and continually educate them on the additional, lifelong benefits a college degree can bring to one’s success.

Here’s a small sampling of what some of our successful BBA students had to say:

“I finished my Bachelor’s at CW. I had the opportunity to explore the workforce with the necessary tools and skills to succeed. I am now in management at Hertz, a Fortune 500 company.” -Michael A.

“With my Bachelor’s degree from CW, my experience has been Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! It was an absolute pleasure being here. I became a Director.” – Josiane W.

“I am the Assistant Director of the admissions and communication department for a hospital. With my CW Bachelor’s degree, I will be able to reach my goals of becoming a director.” – Donna V.

Not everyone wants or needs a BBA, of course. An associate degree is great too! Wages After High School, an article from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides some information about the top earning 50 careers that require less than a Bachelor’s degree. See reference to associate degree related fields on page 5 of the above referenced BLS document.

Whatever path our students choose, we can deliver thanks to our dedicated staff and faculty.

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